Pomegranate wedding favor and gift, ceramic open cover pomegranate


Handmade, made of clay, glazed.



1 piece Wedding pomegranate.
Example of pomegranate gift for wedding gusts, for mother, girlfriend and for every one 🙂 . Idea is put some candy or jewelry inside of pomegranate and give it to guests. Item made of clay and glazed in red color. Secret box, favor or just a souvenir.
Height approximate 7.5 cm
Width approximate 6.5 cm
weight without packing 95 gram.

Price for 1 piece.
For different quantity pleas contact with me.
Wholesale also available​.

My Dear buyers, if you are planing to order big quantity of my pomegranates, please note that made of them can take 1-1.5 week and shipping can take 10-25 working days. So if you have some date of wedding, note that order early month or two, or even more will low risk of delay. For fast shipping I have extra option of EMS shipping (6-12 working day), but any way it will be good to order early.


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