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Experiment 1

— Part 2 —

Experiment with self made clay furnace

I love to experiment and it is help me a lot in my art. With my experiment I get a lot of info about clay, glazes and a lot of more.My last experiment is about furnace. Gas furnace, furnace with using wood and sure electric ones. My all clay item burned out in electric furnace, but I am very interested about other type of furnaces. So I decade to made one. Usually first experiment is for get info about what can go out of plan. I decide to made gas work furnace. My all experiment I will do in my new studio area. I don’t build a new studio building yet (because just now don’t have so much money) so there is a lot of place do experiments.
1.       I take 1 bag 50kg brown clay. In real it is not so good for sculpting so I decide to use it.

2.       I take a stones from my area

3.       Dry grass

4.       Coarse chalk and some part of grog

Here is what I make. It is first part; it most has a head part too.

I don’t wait till head part made and test it with wood burn. Like an experimental item I take a clay bowl and start to burn. Here are some photos

in process

her what I get after some hour 🙂

my conclusions:1.       With this construction and with wood burn, there is no possible to get hi temperature, I don’t take thermometer, but with my think I get 250-300 Celsius no hi from 450-500 Celsius think with gas burn I get more temperature, so if it is interested I will update info after test with gas.

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